Delirio Tropcial

Delírio Tropical is an important restaurant located in Rio de Janeiro, focused on salads and natural products.
We’ve been asked to refresh their branding and bring all the essence of the place in a fun and healthy way.

We’ve chosen to keep the saturated and vibrant colours of the brand and work with a mosaic of
elements that are composed in the names of the house salads.

Delight yourself.


Prisma is an online platform which aims to promote and sell works of independent artists producing contemporary art in Brazil.

To find the element that brings the identity to Prisma, we worked with the addition of colours and shapes of the letter M, which is present in both languages of the brand.

The mixture of colours is an essential tool for the art, without it, the nuances would never be found.

Another purpose for the symbol is the intertwine of the parts which form the triangular shape. These parts would be the artist, who, when put together, create the Prisma.



Aurum is a brand of natural cosmetics focused on organic products.

How Aurum, comes from the Latin, gold, worked with diamonds to represent the brand in the form watermark.

And the cool thing, it does not test its products on animals, of course, we love brands as well, accept the invitation on time!


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